Download Secret 2015 Korean Movies

Download Secret 2015 Korean Movies

Secret 2015 Korean Movies

Film informataion :

Title : Secret
Director : Lee Sang-hwa
Year : 2015
Genre : Drama | Thriller
Country : South Korea

Language : Korean
Cast : Han Chang-hyeon /Lee Seol-goo /Ok Joo-ri


Synopsis :

All the love there is a secret.
Love at first sight and married his wife Ji-Yoon Nam – su happy newlywed’s day-to-day spending.
Charming can not take your eyes off the lovely look of Ji-Yoon Nam – su full every night whispers to happy.
Nam – su is suddenly one day Then came the father of the visit of embarrassed, but unlike that Ji-yoon is welcomed as a daughter. As this occurred, Nam – su seounhan mind’ll make big money for his wife more than his father had heard as a child in need of Ji-Yoon grew up without a father tries to understand her behavior neukkiryeo the forward from his father.
However, it seems like a very cordial, they both relationships and began to wonder with the passage of time, his restless irreparable state, but in …

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Download Secret 2015 Korean Movies

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Download Secret 2015 Korean Movies


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